2023  City: A Place of Identity, MoCA, Belgrade, SRB
2022  Abstract Landscape 2.0, Art Gallery of Cultural Centre of Belgrade, SRB
2020  Salt and Light, The Art Gallery in Kruševac; Reflektor Gallery, Užice, SRB (solo)
2020  Reflections of Our Time: MoCA Acquisitions 1993-2019, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, SRB
2019  Making Off, Students' City Cultural Center Gallery, Belgrade, SRB (solo)
2017  Everything is Good, Gallery Artget, Belgrade, SRB (solo)
2017  Die Luftschutzbunker, Gallery „Menjačnica”, Goethe Institut Serbien, Belgrade, SRB (solo)
2017  Ponovo upotrebiti: past as costume or inspiration, Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw, PL
2016  Unexpected Sustainability, Gallery of Belgrade Youth Center, SRB (solo)
2015  Material Light, Cultural Center of Belgrade, SRB
2014  Convergence / PHX-BG, ASU Art Museum International Artist Residency Gallery at Combine Studios, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
2014  In Dialogue with Photography, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, SLO (solo)
2014  Altered Connections, Recent Art From Serbia, Cecille R. Hunt Gallery, St. Louis, USA
2013  Building, City Gallery of Požega, SRB (solo)
2013  4th Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary: Old Intersections – Make it New (central exhibition: Everywhere but Now), Thessaloniki, GR
2013  Berlin Bridge Belgrade, Gallery General Public, Berlin, D
2013  Amuse Me, City Gallery of Ljubljana, SLO
2013  Voies Off Festival, Le voyage impossible, Arles, F
2012  ФОТО, Students’ City Cultural Center Gallery, Belgrade, SRB (solo)
2012  Photodocuments 02, Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, SRB
2011  Donumenta 2011 / Views: Visions – sketches of Serbian art after 2000, Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, D
2010  25th Nadežda Petrović Memorial: “I am what I am”; Art Gallery Nadežda Petrović / Čačanska Gimnazija, Čačak, SRB
2009  Documents, Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, SRB (solo)
2009  Night Spaces, Gallery Remont, Belgrade; Art gallery Kruševac, SRB (solo)
2009  Snooze, Scaramouche gallery, New York, USA
2008  Micro narratives; Musée d’art moderne, Saint Etienne, F
2008  Still in time, Kunstraum BLAST, Cologne, D
2008  For a happier tomorrow, Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, DK
2007  Micro Narratives, 48. October Salon, Belgrade, SRB
2005  Actual Serbian photography, FOTOHOF Gallery, Salzburg, A
2004  Underground shelters, PIROSCHKA rev, MQ-21, Wien, A (solo)
2004  Nus phenomenon, Gallery Nova, Zagreb, HR
2004  TV or TV, Gallery of Belgrade Youth Center, SRB (solo)
2003  Civilians in Uniform, Photofestival Naarden, Naarden, NL
2003  Images, Gallery Remont, Belgrade, SRB (solo)
2002  Registry, gallery of Students' Cultural Center, Belgrade, SRB (solo)

Co-founder and editor of the Center for photography, an independent organization established in Belgrade in 2011 for research, study and promotion of photography.
2022 Jeremija Stanojević - Photographs, book, co-editor, Belgrade City Museum, SRB
2022 Closeness and Differences II, curatorial project, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, SRB
2021 Closeness and Differences I, curatorial project, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, SRB
2018 Happy People, exhibition of photographer Dragan Petrović, curatorial project, Salon of MoCA Belgrade, SRB 
2016 Photo-forum - conversation about photography, author and editor of the book (serbian), published by DKSG Belgrade, SRB
2014 From Personal Perspective - Photographic Scene in Serbia 1980 - 2014, curatorial project; Photonic Moments – International festival of photography, Ljubljana, SLO
2012 In a full light – photographs from the collection of the Center for Photography, curatorial project (along with Mihailo Vasiljević) - as
         part of the exhibition Photodocuments 02, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, SRB


2017  Goethe Institut Serbien, Kunstcafé, artist talk, Belgrade, SRB
2016  Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Sample, artist talk, Belgrade, SRB
2014  Gallery Photon, Photographs’s collection of  Center for Photography from Belgrade, visiting lecturer, Ljubljana, SLO         
2013  Künstlerhaus Bremen, Seven Different Initiatives to Overcome… (along with Una Popović), visiting lecturer, Bremen, D
2012  Museum of Contemporary Art, Artist as Audience, talk, Belgrade, SRB
2011  Galerie Für Zeit Genössische Kunst, Documentarism – Appropriation – Revaluation, artist talk, Laipzig, D
2009  ISCP, International Studio and Curatorial Program, presentation, New York, USA

2020  URBANAUTICA Journal of Visual Anthropology and Cultural Landscape; portfolio winners call URBANAUTICA INSTITUTE AWARDS 2020; category: People and Communities
2016  The History of European Photography (1970–2000), Produced by the Central European House of Photography; FOTOFO and Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna
2011  Critical Dictionary, Black Dog Publishing, London, UK

2011  Künstlerhaus, Schwandorf, D
2008  Young Visual Artist Award, New York, USA
2004  KulturKontakt scholarship, Wiena, A